VLOG: Stuart W. Bedford’s Issues: Issue Two – Psychosis

So here it is! Issue two! Won’t you join me as I discuss in depth my psychosis and how it affected me?! This time I leave it up to you. How much of what happened to me was psychosis and how much was a sudden spiritual awakening?

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the chemistry

A beautiful piece.


deep in my heart, a yearning
like a fire that keeps burning
my soul's rousing
a sweet obsession warming
giving life a new dawning
emotions so compellingleaving me agonizing
for a bonding
that our hearts have been courtingchimerical besotting
a tender glancemy days and my nights filling
a reverie spent flying
a cupid's prance
to dizzying heights sending
our love's rites and reasoning.
tender romance
brimming with pure radiance
taking a pledge of substance
a climaxing
of two spirit's in vibrance
souls singing in resonance
glowing, searing
sensibilities enhance
an unrestrained stimulance
a blossoming.

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RAP: That Crazy Kind of Love by Stuyvesant

This is a ballad from my upcoming hip-hop album – “A Tide Rises” – and was written about my muse, Laura; the absolute love of my life without whom I’d still be mired in my anxiety and depression. I love you forever princess.



This ain’t no common love; this ain’t no average kind of lust.
This is the kind of passion that leaves others’ in the dust.
This is the kind of connection that no other could trust.
Cause we fight and we fall; but our light is magnanimous.
See every time we part, it’s a little death.
We reunite it’s like art, it’s like drawing breath.
She’s the ocean I’m the flame and I’m waterproof.
I’m the rock and she’s the rain and she weathers with truth.
She’s the thing I’ve been craving since the days of my youth.
When I put my own desires on the back of the hoof.
I’m the port and she’s the storm and I’m weather proof.
It’s evident that she’s the clue and I am the sleuth.

We should never have met; but fate was ever inclined.
She had that kind of spirit; and I had that kind of mind.
This crazy kind of love, it’s compassionate and blind.
And the hit is like the greatest drug you could ever find.
She’s like a Goddess that no religion could ever bind.
And I worship at her altar cause I’m the zealous kind.
Safe in belief that the forces have brought us, intertwined;
To a place of redemption; a better state of mind.
Two bitter beings their bitterness suddenly unassigned.
Through each other we found what we thought we’d never find;
Something to get behind instead of just feeling resigned.
An angel and a demon, suddenly redefined.

Ain’t nothing crazy bout a love so indelible.
Not forgettable, regrettable: indestructible.
We’re gonna last cause we’re fated and ineffaceable.
Mate, we’re impeccable; just wait, we’re interminable.
No end in sight, if it’s there it’s indeterminable.
Trouble and strife, when it visits we know it’s killable.
How many ways can I tell you with a syllable?
I’m fucking crazy but her love is medicinal.


VLOG: Stuart W. Bedford’s Issues: Issue One – Anxiety

Join me in my first Vlog in which I candidly explore my own experiences with mental health; particularly anxiety, depression, psychosis and adult ADHD.

This week’s issue introduces myself, my own mental illnesses and explores anxiety; its causes, effects and how I vanquished my own.

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Et Dolore Mangia Gloria: The Greatest Music You’ve Never Heard.

For many years, I’ve been obsessed with the Providence, Rhode Island based Prog-Rock band “The Dear Hunter”. This is a band, and in Casey Crescenzo a mastermind whose purpose is far greater than to simply make a hit rock record. Casey is enlightened. Just one of the millions of us out there whose sudden charge it is to awaken those around us to a higher state of consciousness founded on a base of compassion and Love for one’s fellows. So it’s quite fitting that Casey should hail from Providence; a place-name which by its very definition as a word in the English language is “the protective care of God or of Nature as a spiritual power.” Fitting also is its secondary definition: “timely preparation for future eventualities”. This actually brings to mind a quote from Albert Einstein; “Life is preparation for the future. And the best way to prepare for the future is to live as though it doesn’t exist”.

No, The Dear Hunter are no mere rock band. The Dear Hunter is a guidebook for Awakening to the great spirituality that exists in nature, in beauty and in Love. The Dear Hunter is a manifesto to enlightenment. The Dear Hunter is also an inception so great that it exists on three levels at once: the conscious, the sub-conscious and the spiritual. The Dear Hunter pulls its audience in, and casts them into an ocean of meaning, double-meaning and triple meaning. And one by one; piece by piece; bit by bit by bit by bit, it awakens them. And awakening, to the true meaning of life – Love itself, for the self and for the other – is a fucking beautiful thing. I wish you could all feel what I feel right now. Happiness. True, overwhelmingly beautiful happiness. And attaining it was so simple. It was only I who had over-complicated it. But The Dear Hunter… Casey guided me out of my cave and showed me the light. And he can for you too. If you let him.

I cannot fully explain what this all means. If you know, you know and what I just said will make perfect sense. If you don’t know yet, then the Dear Hunter is for you. Fall into it – as we, it’s leagues of devoted fans have – and go on the journey with Casey that we did. You’ll find frustration, sadness, fear, confusion, but then you will find the white light that exists at the beating heart of Casey’s art. You will awaken to his music, and you will cry tears of sheer joy as you do. And you will discover your own purpose, your own meaning. I promise you. You only have to open your heart and let Casey in.

I guess this is a review. Of The Dear Hunter as a whole and not just a single album. The Dear Hunter is not just a single album but a great whole, the albums merely sums of its parts. The Acts are five albums that span an overriding story of a simple boy and his journey through life, from “Act I: The Lake South, The River North” to “Act: V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional”. It’s a story so rich that it’ll have you gripped. But it’s also not in any way what you think it is either. Just like the band itself, the acts are far greater than the sum of their parts. Every song is exactly what it says it is and also is the total opposite. Again, I can’t fully explain this, but listen long enough, deep enough, you’ll start to see it bit by bit what that means. Then you’ll listen to the entire discography again. As I mentioned, there are three layers of meaning in all of Casey’s work, warranting three separate digestions of the entire discography, at least. But once you get there, you’ll want to listen repeatedly anyway.

Next you have Migrant, which is a collection of songs outside of the story; another manual for enlightenment which charts Casey’s own journey from misery to joy. Then you have The Colour Spectrum, an album dedicated to the colours of the spectrum itself; an immersive, incredible musical collage which must be heard to be believed. I won’t go further into my interpretations of the albums here as I’m planning on dedicating entire posts to each one over the coming months, delving into their meanings and messages as well as their individual place as a part in the whole of Casey’s grand enlightenment tapestry.

Musically, The Dear Hunter is just a constant astonishment; a constant catching of the breath. Such complexity, such craftsmanship. Casey is nothing short of a genius. But I know that it comes easy for him. He is Enlightened, of course. I’m also recently Enlightened. But there’s a stigma that comes with this word enlightened, as though it’s in some way suggesting I am better, more intelligent, greater than you in some way. But that’s not it at all. We are just two human beings, and our worth is set in stone at one-hundred percent, no more, no less. I haven’t added anything to my being to make me worth more, I have actually removed from my consciousness. I have let go of my anxiety and as a result, I am lighter. I am en”light”ened. I am simply not bogged down by negative energy, by my ego any more. I am simply Stuart. And Casey is simply Casey. He’s called a genius constantly, but I bet he doesn’t really care. Sure, the compliments are nice, but they should be taken in the same way as the criticisms: with a pinch of salt.

Happiness. Casey knows how to attain it and he knows how to give it to others. Don’t you want it too? (*HINT* – The answer is yes.) Then listen to his words. Follow his teachings. Let him into your heart. I only hope I can deliver my message of Love so expertly.

So here it is; my salute to Casey Crescenzo and The Dear Hunter, one of the greatest musical projects in existence.


I recently had what has been described as a mental health breakdown and “suffered” Stage One Psychosis which I was hospitalised with. I use the quotation marks because suffering couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m at peace, for the first time in my life. I’ve figured out how to be happy. And Casey helped me get there. So if that’s madness, then madness take me. However, I must tell you that interpreting music as divine in some way is part of a delusional way of thinking. Maybe I am delusion. But how will you know, unless you listen?

Namaste. And remember: “et dolore mangia Gloria”.