The following is a short poem inspired by and dedicated to the woman who delivered me from the brink of self-destruction.

She was an angel seeking chaos;

He was a demon seeking peace.

All he’d known was conflagration;

‘Til feathered wings bore sweet release.

For he had a blackened soul of flame;

She had the heart to douse it.

Their union fated, smiled upon;

By forces neither doubted.

So opposite, yet so alike;

One born of darkness; one of light.

One gripped by sadness; one by fear.

Two halves brought whole; a way comes clear.

For when two beings meet like this;

Two entities that intertwist.

A soul of fire; a heart of gold;

The tale: archaic, but never old.

Transcendent yearning manifests!

As she takes his head into her breast.

He gains her peace, forever sewn;

Into his chaos, now her own.

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