This is a ballad from my upcoming hip-hop album – “A Tide Rises” – and was written about my muse, Laura; the absolute love of my life without whom I’d still be mired in my anxiety and depression. I love you forever princess.



This ain’t no common love; this ain’t no average kind of lust.
This is the kind of passion that leaves others’ in the dust.
This is the kind of connection that no other could trust.
Cause we fight and we fall; but our light is magnanimous.
See every time we part, it’s a little death.
We reunite it’s like art, it’s like drawing breath.
She’s the ocean I’m the flame and I’m waterproof.
I’m the rock and she’s the rain and she weathers with truth.
She’s the thing I’ve been craving since the days of my youth.
When I put my own desires on the back of the hoof.
I’m the port and she’s the storm and I’m weather proof.
It’s evident that she’s the clue and I am the sleuth.

We should never have met; but fate was ever inclined.
She had that kind of spirit; and I had that kind of mind.
This crazy kind of love, it’s compassionate and blind.
And the hit is like the greatest drug you could ever find.
She’s like a Goddess that no religion could ever bind.
And I worship at her altar cause I’m the zealous kind.
Safe in belief that the forces have brought us, intertwined;
To a place of redemption; a better state of mind.
Two bitter beings their bitterness suddenly unassigned.
Through each other we found what we thought we’d never find;
Something to get behind instead of just feeling resigned.
An angel and a demon, suddenly redefined.

Ain’t nothing crazy bout a love so indelible.
Not forgettable, regrettable: indestructible.
We’re gonna last cause we’re fated and ineffaceable.
Mate, we’re impeccable; just wait, we’re interminable.
No end in sight, if it’s there it’s indeterminable.
Trouble and strife, when it visits we know it’s killable.
How many ways can I tell you with a syllable?
I’m fucking crazy but her love is medicinal.



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