Join me in my first Vlog in which I candidly explore my own experiences with mental health; particularly anxiety, depression, psychosis and adult ADHD.

This week’s issue introduces myself, my own mental illnesses and explores anxiety; its causes, effects and how I vanquished my own.

Check it out and maybe if you suffer anxiety or depression it may just help you a little! And if it does, find me on Facebook: 


7 thoughts on “VLOG: Stuart W. Bedford’s Issues: Issue One – Anxiety

  1. I think you are very wise , I think you are your own person, nothing can beat you. You talk more sense than most people I know who call themselves ‘normal’ ! You beat whatever ails you and you are doing well, bravo. It’s heartwarming to hear you share. God bless.

      1. Thank-you, Stuart. I feel responsible and guilty a lot of the time because of my daughters’ mental illnesses. I try to help them as much as I can and I have learnt such a lot through the reading I have done. The medication my elder daughter takes has kept her free from most of the extreme highs and lows she used to get but it has affected her memory, making her vague and forgetful and has stopped her being able to write stories. She would love to be able to stop her medication and get back to writing but the risk of the depression is too great. She has to wait such a long time for appointments with hospital specialists! My younger daughter has recently decided that she must try to manage her anxiety after years of expecting other people to accept her as she is and finding they don’t!

      2. It breaks my heart to hear your eldest can’t write stories any more. I have actually just been told I may have bi-polar and am about to take medication against it – another mood stabaliser to go with the anti-psychotic I’m on. But if it takes my creativity away, I don’t know what I will do.

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